About Iran Carbide

Iran Carbide Industry Factory was established in 1974 in an area of 25000 square meter. This company has barrel manufacturing and calcium carbide production units. The calcium carbide is produced in the biggest, latest, and most advanced furnace and broken down into desired sizes. This is considered as a basic and constant process. But it is worth mentioning that we are always in search of finding better ways to support the industries by providing better products. We do have good and vast amount of information that could be very useful. Especially when working with calcium carbide. In fact, this information can encourage you to use our products like when selecting type of product, testing, economic feasibility, trouble shooting, technical and safety training.

We do have long term plans for future. The furnace of the company was renovated in 2018; therefore, we were able to increase the production capacity to more than 10,000 metric tons. The operation and processes of our company is as per the 2015 ISO 9001. We can provide the required guidance and assistance to our customers with an expert team of experienced engineers. We express our obligations towards our customers. Our services for the customers include: safety training, handling calcium carbide, and……

Calcium carbide could be used for desulfurization and the recovery process of the alloys in the furnace. With high price of aluminum in the market, calcium carbide is recommended for a replacement of aluminum. This is a viable option for reduction of production costs in steel mills.

Board of Directors

Members of the Board

Mr Hadi SolgiShareholder and board member
Ms Faranak AzarvandDeputy Chairman of the Board
Mr Ehsanallah AzarvandManaging Director
Ms Parisa AzarvandShareholder and board member
Mr Reza SolgiChairman of the Board


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