Calcium Carbide Packaging

The packaging line of the company is able to provide the packaging in different packaging depending on the application. This is for a safer and easier transportation.

Bucket, Barrel, and Bag

The calcium carbide produced by the Carbide Industries is delivered in containers, barrels and bags with weights of 5, 10, 50, and 250 kilograms.
The buckets and barrels like other products of this company are completely sealed and water tight. during unloading the lids of barrels and buckets are opened easily. The barrels containing the carbide are delivered directly to the steel plant. The barrels containing the calcium carbide are dumped into the furnace and after being melted the contents of the barrels are released into the furnace and reacted with the molten contents of the furnace.
The Carbide Industry can deliver the carbide in 5 kilogram bags. These smaller bags are packed in bigger one ton bags. Our customers prefer the 5 kilogram bags because they are lighter in weight and react better with the molten material. These bags could be stored near the place where they will be used and there is no more needs to relocate them.
he bigger bags are 6 mil thick. In each container there are 22 bags. The bags are closed by metal strips; therefore in addition to the ease in handling, the safety of the product is also provided.

Barrel making unit

In order to fulfill the customers’ requirements, this company has opened barrel making unit. This is accomplished by implementing the latest technology.
In this unit barrels with capacity of 50 kilogram contents are produced that guarantee a safe and rescue transportation of the product. Because our barrels are completely sealed and water tight. The barrels are produced in bucket, pressed, and semi-pressed type.

Delivering Carbide

if the calcium carbide is transported in barrels or bags, it could be easily relocated and used. The buckets and bags are carried in a palletized state. In this case moving them can be easy. During charging the electric arc furnace with the required material, these packages are also added to the material.
For the instruction of using carbide in the furnace please feel free to contact us. Thus the efficiency and quality of your products shall determine what type of carbide is suitable for oxide and sulfur removal procedure.