calcium carbonate: Energy, Innovation, Efficiency

The capacity and power of carbide in improvement and performance of the products that provide are astounding. Because this company can provide high quality products that shall bring improvements and a good capital return in investments.

Calcium Carbide Specifications

 The calcium carbide is a chemical compound with CaC2 formula with a crystal appearance and black or gray color having an odor resembling that of garlic that shows a very high reaction with water thus producing acetylene that is a flammable gas.

Uses of Calcium Carbide

The application of calcium carbide is steel mills is unique and as a result of reaction with metallic oxides can have astonishing impact.

The application of calcium carbide, in addition to the reducing of the slag FeO can cause the bloating of it and increase the efficiency of electric arc furnace, increasing thermal efficiency, reducing consumption, iron ore reduction. Unlike aluminum, this material shall have no effect of chemical analysis of the melted steel.