Laboratory and Quality Control

The laboratory of the company uses the latest methods and equipment to measure the calcium carbide before delivering the product to the customers. The raw materials delivered to the company shall be controlled and tested with high precision and then the permission for use is issued by the laboratory and quality control. All company manufacturing lines (barrel manufacturing, furnace, loading, and painting line) are under strict control of quality control department.

Using Calcium Carbide

Who will use carbide? Calcium carbide is used in physical, chemical, and thermal form in the steel slag in steel manufacturing plants for making steel. It is more cost effective than silicon material. Compare to the magnesium, carbide is a more powerful reduction agent in steel making process. Calcium carbide has a more neutralizing effect than soda ash. Working with this material is safer and more cost effective.

What Kind of Carbide Do You Need?

The company produces calcium carbide in different sizes (variety of grades). In general, the type and grades of the required calcium carbide depends on the application and function of the product. For instance calcium carbide in powder form in injected into the molten iron in order to remove the sulfur contents of the molten material after combining with the sulfar in the iron. This company produces the calcium carbide in the form of nut to produce the desired slower reaction. This type of carbide in added to the metal in a molten state during tapping the furnace. Carbide reduces the oxides and will reduce the iron and alloys left in the furnace slag. On the other hand the reaction is slow enough in order to prevent the overflow of the still from the ladle.

The best way to choose the most suitable calcium carbide and the required grades do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialized engineering staffs have decades of vast experience and expertise in these matters.