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February 2024

The chemical energy produced by calcium carbide has a very strong force and has created a new innovation in the industry. It is one of the mandatory materials in the industry. Calcium carbide is one of the most important factors in the steel industry. Acetylene gas is produced by calcium carbide, which plays a very important role in the construction of work cutting power. Calcium carbide plays an important role in environmental cleansing.

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1. The calcium Carbide in Metallurgy :

The Calcium carbide is a very strong reducing chemical. At      the same time, it can also used as an energy source .this method is most used in metallurgy which is used to reduce costs using various methods.

In modern steelmaking operations and due to the increase in the process of casting parts through molding, the demand for low sulfur steel has increase As a result, the demand for calcium carbide consumption increases which is used for desulfurization of metal.

In addition, the reaction of the calcium carbide with oxides produces a large amount of heat that is highly retained in the process. This can increase metallurgical efficiency. In addition, the calcium carbide as an energy source an bring more economic aspects. 

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The packaging line of this company is able to provide various packaging with various uses, which is easy to maintain the safety of transportation.In general, packaging is provided to customers in the form of bulk bags and sealed barrels, and it is sent only to steel factories in the form of big bags and 50 kg sealed barrels.

  • Bucket, barrel and bag

1- Calcium carbide produced in calcium carbide industries is sent in containers, barrels and bags weighing 5, 40, 50 kg.Buckets and barrels, like other types of packaging of our products, are completely sealed in terms of weather penetration. When emptying, the door of the bucket or barrel opens easily. Barrels containing carbide are directly delivered to the iron smelter.

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Iran Carbide company offers different sizes of calcium carbide to the market according to the needs of customers. Each of these sizes has specific uses in the industry.

  • The grade of 1 this type of calcium carbide is between 35 and 80 mm
  • The grade of 2  type of calcium carbide is between 20 and 35 mm 
  • The grade of 3. this type of calcium carbide is between 5 and 20 mm
  • The powder size of this type of calcium carbide is between 0 and 5 mm

When calcium carbide gets wet, it produces acetylene gas, which is flammable. Otherwise, working with calcium carbide is the same as working with lime. Current rules and methods related to working with calcium carbide and its storage are taught within one hour. This training is recommended for all those who are dealing with calcium carbide for the first time. The refresher course is also held every two years.

Calcium carbide safety training for transportation and storage is held free of charge for customers, just contact our sales department to arrange a training class.

Iran Carbide Industrial Plants were established in 1974 on an area of 25,000 square meters. This company has industrial units for barrel manufacturing and calcium carbide production. We produce calcium carbide in the largest, newest, and most advanced furnace, and then crush it to the required sizes. Read more ... 
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